About Us

The craft of making instruments requires a dedication that surpasses mere manufacturing.

Musical instruments have a soul, they have to be nurtured and carefully crafted to ensure that the sound joyful and full of love.

Since 2003, we at Aria Percussion have been falling in love over and over again with every stage and new innovation while crafting our instruments.

All our instruments are handcrafted and each one has its own identity. Minute detailing goes in every part - right from the quality of resin to the turn on every fastener. Each instrument that leaves our door is unique in nature, color and soul.

We take pride in our creations and we wish that there is a drum in every home to celebrate the joy that each of our creations can bring into this world.

Music gives Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind

Flight to the Imagination and Life to everything

Play Djembe for Recreational Or Passion or Work

Why do people play musical instruments, some play guitars some play drum kits, Tabla and many more percussions djembe is one of them purpose is to create music be happy some more examples below

Now people have jamming sessions it can be indoors and outdoors too, it has spread so vastly that new one are mushrooming like flies on sweet. Its origin is for recreational activities. Many musicians use it in bands orchestra, briefly this musical instrument can be used for many activities, some call it therapy drumming too

That’s the fun everyone can use it if they get a good product at a better price DJEMBE is more popular than any other percussion instrument that we know.